Sunday, March 10, 2013

. Instant vs Delayed Gratification .

I guess this is my first time writing a post of things that I have to 'google' and find the suitable content . HAHA It's just I'm not so sure , not aware actually of the 'thing' and that is - GRATIFICATION .

This is credit to wikipedia , this ain't plagiarism , this is sharing :

What is gratification ?
"Gratification is the pleasurable emotional reaction of happiness in response to a fulfillment of a desire or goal."

What about instant/delayed gratification ?
"Instant gratification is often used to label the satisfactions gained by more impulsive behaviors: choosing now over tomorrow.
Deferred gratification or patience, and it is usually considered avirtue, producing rewards in the long-term, it is the skill of giving preference to long term goals over more immediate ones."

When a friend of mine post about this video . It makes me think . Think . Into the deep thinking .

This is the original one .

This is the too cute too resist one ! HAHA .

Well yeah , you can definitely give comments feedback response and what not . but reflect upon ourselves , aren't we are just like them ? Or maybe worse than them . At least they're merely a child . They don't really react upon rational . They're growing , they're building their self personality .

But look upon us ? Which category does we belongs to ? The impulsive or the patience kids ? We've been living the life as human for almost 20 years (lol as it we can even live as an alien for 1 day) But , but do we think and react upon our rational thinking ? With rational mind ? And neglecting our emotions ?

As to compare among the two videos , the first one is about the child is left alone in the room . And they had to resist their temptation of eating the marshmallow by themselves . And now look at the second video , even though they both left with 1 marshmallow each but the situation now is a lil bit different . They have each other to support and rely on . At first it looks like Breanna going to try to taste the marshmallow but Oliver then talk about not getting 2 marshmallow if they don't resist theit temptation .

So do us , when we are left alone and have to fight by ourselves , do we tend to lose hope and getting weaker day by day ? And in the end we end up lost in the battle . But when we have company ans supports around us , we can definitely win the battle , win the race , and get rewards .

O'Allah , your plan is the best . When we felt alone , you sent us Quran to connect to you , you sent us friends for us to talk to , you sent us mother for us to hug and cry and lean on their shoulders . We will NEVER lose when we're not alone . Because we always have YOU !

Sometimes , I feel and I asked why and why am I taking IB ? The long journey , the thorns and painful paths , I may not know it now , but someday insyaAllah , when I able to reason them , it will be the best for me . For now I have to bear and wait and WORK my ass off !

And sometimes , oh tipuu . ALWAYS , I think about you you and you , my dear friends , why do we meet in the first place , why do we became friends ? Caused sometimes I was hurt by your actions but constantly I ripped your heart by my words , harsh and rude and blablabla . But to tell you , I do love you . Eventhough we're parted by the seas and oceans and thousands and millions miles , I'll find the reason to it .

Bear with it . A little more time .

Correct me if I'm wrong , grammatical errors , Sincerely ,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

. Diverged . Path .

The road not taken . Ever heard about it ?
If its were to be you ? Which road should you take ?

Never ending excuses

Source : Taylors fb page

Crap . Whatever . This is merely just some sort of random post .
Well yeah . I'm dying to meet Chester See !

Sometimes we just need some sort of entertainment. Hurm , relaxation ? It is a chance of a lifetime . Screw !

I better stop here , before any kind of animals start to run wild . I you know what I meant ;)