Monday, March 12, 2012

. Anonymous Pen Pal Letter Writing Project .

Salam and Hi Readers ,

It's been quite sometime ain't it since my last post ? Well I guessed it's just around 2 week ago . LOL . Whatever . Well , hurm , what am I going to write about eh ? currently listening to some random songs on online . Just finished almost 4 or 5 post regarding Nadwah Islamiah annual program by MARA on the Blog Rasmi Nadwah Islamiah IPMA 2012 . Well yeah , to tell you , I'm one of the editor , along with my teammates - Asmida Ridhwan . Hihii . She's cooler than me . Well yeah maybe because she's the official editor of the Official KMB Blog !

Haaaaa . Yeaaa ! So , did you notice the post title ?  ". Anonymous Pen Pal Letter Writing Project ." So, what's up with that ? Curious to know it ? Hey hey hey , chill out . I'll explain every single inch of it .

*I don't know if you able to understand what am I trying to explain to you people , I'll try my best I can . LOL (^.~)

Hi Anonymous . Let's stay be anonymous !

First move !

The activity was conducted by the teachers from English Language Department , Kolej MARA Banting *tobespecific LOL . The program started on February , and sorry but I just don't remember the exact date I started to write to the anonymous pen pal . So , the program continue for 6 weeks which means we have to write to each other for 6 weeks without miss ! Each and everyone of us were given a secret code . Mine is 101B , my anonymous pen pal , or you may called them the unknown friend is 101A . So we were paired up by the teacher but we don't know each other . The other person is somebody which is among the Year 1 students too , they studied different major from us or could be from the same major too - Medicine , Pharmacy , Engine or what not . But definitely will be from different classes .

Progression :)

So this is how it went . Every Monday of the new week , we need to submit the letter into the 'Mailing Box' on the English teacher's table . Submit according to your class box , don't go jumble up into other class's box , if not the letter will be mess up ! Then the teacher will send the letter to the respective pen pal's class .

But , what about my letter , how can I get them ? It goes like this . The official day to collect mine/your letter , or the letter that was send to me is on Thursday , but we can collect them earlier than the official day , could be Monday Tuesday or Wednesday , or maybe a little late , Friday or the a week after that? HAHA .  But usually , the girls are very eager to get their reply letter rather than the guys . And you know why is that so . . . LOL ! Ahaa ! And before I missed it , where you can collect the letter ? You may collect the letter from the 'Collection Box' , and the box in located on the teacher's table .

Well yeah , perhaps the girls are better in writing , story telling and sharing too , so , they have a lot of topics to write to their pen pal about it . Unlike the guys , some of them was like . . . they have to think for hours just to write a few words and sentences or maybe some others prefer to draw or sketch some cartoon and drawings rather than to write a long letter . Well , we could even called it creativity ain't it ? Different people might perceive different ways of thinking and preference than us , right ?

*I ain't being stereotyping ! This is just from my random observation and my standpoint . Sorry . 

So , wanna know how it end up ?

Revelation Day ! ! !

On 22nd March 2012 , there'll be a Revelation Day , where by on that day , you'll be meeting your Anonymous Friend for the first time ! You got to guess and find your Pen Pal a.k.a Anonymous Friend in the Main Hall . There will be few hundreds of us and you'll be wandering in the Main Hall looking for the right person ? Seems fun to you ? Well , some of us feel like . . . "Ouh I don't want to meet him" "Duhhhh . . . I don't even want to get to know her" and blablabla , maybe because after the 6 weeks of writing and sharing and playing games with the Unknown Friend , it'll be a little awkward for us to meet them . HAHAA . I guessed it'll be sooooo COOL on the Revelation Day .

But how can we find the Unknown Friend without any pre-description or hint right ? Well , in the last letter that will be send on Monday, 19th March right after the school break , we may write some notes and hint to tell the other partner on how we can find each other , such as what clothes you'll be wearing , what colour of the clothes , you wear spectacles or maybe just anything (^^,)
So , wanna know more ? Wait until the Revelation Day come . Either we'll be freak out at each other or else getting along together well . Just hope for the best ! TeeHeeee :)