Tuesday, June 12, 2012

. A Non-Muslim with a Muslim Heart .

See the title people ? Able to read it ?
Good . Say , Alhamdulillah . We still have the chance to see , to read , and to do any kind of work we want :')

I have a great story to share with all of you , and I do really hope , we learn something from them and improve ourselves , towards a better Muslim .

Time : 4.10 p.m .
Date : 8th June 2012 , Friday .

Venue : KTM Subang Jaya , Malaysia .
Destination : KL Sentral , Kuala Lumpur .

Scene One

*WE ---> refers to Me , Asmida and QahQah .

We just got back from the IELTS Speaking Test and waited for the train in Subang Jaya station . We missed the first train and had to wait for another 30 minutes for the next train to arrive . When the train has arrived , we can't find any available seat , all have been occupied therefore we have to stand . There's a Malay family, a brother and a younger sister , a baby and their mother . They seat in a row . The mother is holding the baby and the younger sister which sits next to the mother was currently sleeping, and she laid her head on her brother's shoulder . They are around the aged of 3 to 5 years old . The brother hold his sister's head with his hand , not wanting the head to slip-off from his shoulder as the train is shaking left and right . The brother somehow is quite sleepy but when he almost fall asleep along with his sister , the mother would stop him and said , 'Abang jangan tidur , jaga kepala adik tu jangan bagi jatuh , kita dah nak sampai dah ni' then the brother open his eyes and tighten his grip to his sister head . But after a while , the brother couldn't hold it any more and they fell asleep together , but the brother's still holding his sister head on his shoulder .  When they arrived at the station , the mother wake them up , the brother help his sister to get off the seat and walked together to the door . It was so cute ! The scene touched our heart . They were so small but they understand the meaning of love , care for each other and listen to their mother without any argument . Do we practice the same thing in our family ? Reflect ourselves :)

Source : Google 

Scene Two 

Asmida took the younger sister's seat and a young English woman took the brother's seat (I assumed she's a British since she's using the Britain airways bag) . Next to the English woman is a Malay guy . Opsss ! Before I forget , we were in the Ladies's Coach . And well yeah , there's a Malay GUY . A guy in the Ladies's Coach and he is Malaysian . You could say , that it's pretty normal because some of the guys are pretty much stubborn and ignorant .

Okay this is what happened . From Subang Jaya to KL Sentral , it took  about 7 or 8 stations in between . I don't know where the woman is heading to but at each station , she will open her bag and took out a map , the train station's map , probably she's counting how many stations left before she reached the destination . We watched the woman , and QahQah tapped on my shoulder telling that maybe I should asked the woman , in case she's lost or something . I was about to ask but it is quite hard since she's just looking down on the map and she's wearing a cap which cover her face . However , I can't remember at which station , probably a few stations after Setia Jaya , there's this mother and two daughters boarded the train , one of them is still small , maybe around 1 or 2 years old and there's no seats left for them so they have to stand , it is quite difficult for the mother to hold the little child while she was standing . The English woman noticed them , she stood up and offered the mother her seat . They say thank you to the woman .

The English woman then stands besides us , and she mumble silently 'So disrespect...!' . She refers it to the guy which seat next to her earlier in the train . She is so discern about the situation and quick in action .

We stand quietly besides her . Upon arriving to the destination , everybody is ready and faced to the door to go out , the English woman then tapped on the guy's thigh and point her hands to the window and said to the guy " WA NI TA . SA HA JA " , after that she walked directly out of the door . The guy nodded without even looked up to the woman . Perhaps , he felt ashamed by his action .

Gulped ! We were shocked and startled for a while . Amazed ? Astonished ? Not only she's concerned about the mother and the little daughter , angry by the ignorant attitude of the guy but she can speak and understand the Bahasa Malaysia language too !

Reflect upon us , we called ourselves as Muslim but do we act like one ?
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I can't simply assumed people they are Muslim or Kufr or anything but apparently from the way she's dressing up with the T-shirt and red mini skirt and tight pants , she doesn't look like one .

But what we're looking at is the Attitude . They are Non-Muslim with a Muslim Attitude . What about us ? Even I don't have the courage to speak to the guy and asked him to go to the other coaches .

MasyaAllah , We should thank Allah for so much things He gave us . Yet don't we feel ashamed for not practising what He already told us , what the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W had teached us ?

Source : Google

(A) Read ISLAM with a Capital I , which is Islam . The Proper Noun . Islam hanya pada nama ?
(B) Read ISLAM with a small i , which is islam  . The Verb . Islam pada perbuatan kita ?

The Story Teller ,