Sunday, July 29, 2012

. Short and Precise .

Wordless Sunday . Apparently I'm losing words for everything . 

. EE . TOK . IA . 

I don't know which path I'm walking through now . Seems like I'm losing it .
Narrow to the end? Or perhaps there's some light at end which I can't see it from here?
It's too dark . And I feel alone . 

O'Allah give me strength .
So that I able to walk to the end with victory .
O'Allah guide me to the end .
So that I won't misleading and turned back from you .
O'Allah give me partner .
So that I won't feel alone in this adventurous mission .
O'Allah , don't let down my spirit .
So that I able to feel the true meaning of sacrifice , hardships , and patience .
O'Allah ,
Grant me 45 in IB if it's the best for me .
Grant me degree in medicine if its will make me a better muslimah in fulfilling my needs to your religion . Islam .
Ameen . Alhamdulillah .   

Thank you for the little advice Sis Bella . Jazakillah .

p/s : Read from below to the upper side . Thank you .

Alhamdullilah . Thank you for reading :)

Sincerely ,