Sunday, May 13, 2012

. Random .

When close people have turned on you, just to tell how much they despise you, what else can you do than curling up into a ball on the bed, hoping to wake up with miracles of amiable friends, hopelessly waiting? The two angels by your shoulders are the only witnesses, to how many teardrops you've shed for being left behind, unnoticed and fueled with misery. Your mistakes won't be forgotten, and this is the price to pay to compensate your sins. Now is the time to eradicate these human-like evils, because it's hard to dance with the devils on your back, so shake them off. Time for rejuvenation and to ignore past wrongdoings because it's always darkest before the dawn. Sunlight will appear to outshine the bleakness that has been haunting you.

p/s: Let them go, they won't do any good if you keep them attached, because they're parasites.