Monday, January 2, 2012

. 1st entry of 2012 .

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hello . I was tagged by Missy Nick Atyra to answer the questions she has stated for me and the others .

*Hey cik tyra mujur ah aku nak main game gilaa kau ni . Yaaaaaaaaaaaaw !
Mata tak nak lelap , esok nak balik kolej , and yet tak packing satu hapaa pun lagi , tanak balik sangat . Macam dapat rasaa dah bahang aura kolej tuu sampai katil bilik ni . Aiyaaaaak !
It's easy people , you may say 'alahai mengada ah kau' 'bajet ah , macam ah orang lain tak masuk kolej' and bla bla bla . Yes ,  that certainly true , but just come to think of it , Kolej Mara Banting is certainly not something like you can imagine like any other college .

*Hello macha apa kaitan kau membebel kolej kau kat sini ? Okay done shut up ! Move on to the questions . 

Sorry . The picture is too small ain't it ? Quite hard to read the rules right ? Just click until you'll able to read it . Sorry but I can't figure it out too . *and yeah I'm lame -.-'

The question are :

a .Describe your real self .

Sayang ku , apa real self ni ? Does it suppose to mean as if my own personality or character ain't it ? Such a simple question and I'll give you the most simple answer . Ceit tapi kenapa ada describe plak ? If kau duduk dalam IB ni mampus ah berjela karangan 10 pages pun can't guarantee you to get full marks babeyh ! Enough ! HAHA That's so called exaggerating . 
Just let me tell you :
--> I can be the kind-est  person you ever met  , well yeah maybe not the most kind person , but I treat people around me well , caused I do appreciate them , and that's called love :)
 OR maybe the most ignorant person , caused sometimes people just seem can't accept my jokes or sarcastic advices , and yet in return akuhhh yang kena nasihat balik and aku taknak dengar , maaf .

--> I can be the strongest young lady , sebab aku boleh tahan gelak sepanjang hari pun takpe even dalam jiwa ada 1001 masalah , sebab takyah ah nak tunjuk sangat , mengadu lah pada Allah kan ada , takat nak JK uh je lah aku selalu buat pun HAHA . Aku suka pergi outdoor games yang jarang jarang perempuan cuba pastuh aku g cabar lelaki lelaki kat situ , HAHA and yet diorang kalah , memang aku wanita sasa . Oppsss ! Okay gedik sangat dah diam ah .
 OR the weakest daddy's little girl , caused I do cry a lot when it comes to family matter hohohoo .

Ke aku ada personality disorder eh ? Hihii .

b .Where can you see yourself after 10 years ?

InsyaAllah , kalau rahmat dan nikmat serta rezeki Allah itu untuk akuhhh , then in 10 years time I'll be busy-ing walking , running , struggling to save people's lives . Doctor-to-be insyaAllah . But actually I do wish I could join a NGO organization and work in Palestine or Gaza or any side of the world in helping those in needs . Macam Asma' Abu Bakr jadi nurse untuk tentera Islam . Indah kan ?

Adore this lil thing very much :)

c .Which is more disgusting ? Rat or cockroach ? Why ?

Cockroach ! Caused cockroach have . . . God ! Apa nama badan keras dia uh in english ? Maaflah tinggal buku sebulan cuti memang semua ah aku lupaa . Tapi sebab badan tu lah buat aku geli . Takat tikus tak kesah sangat , berbulu , comel kan kan kan ? And esok lusa pun kena bedah tikus jugak nanti , so chill je lah :) 
Tapi cerita lipas lipas ni aku rajin tengok dulu , tak geli ah plak kan HAHA .

d .Why do you blogging ?

Caused I'm damn bored ! And blogging is a way for me to express my own thoughts and feelings . Yeah  my blog may not be as fancy as those the 'cuties mushies' and all those famous people but at least I'm able to write something and share it with others ain't it ? Duhhh whatever , I don't know what am I trash-ing about .

e .Are you a stalker ?

HAHAA . If you ask me long ago , I'll definitely answer it yes ! But apparently , stalking ain't my number 1 option anymore . People growing up ain't it ? I don't go and stalk people anymore . Stalk in Facebook ? Bosan dah ngan FB tuu . Twitter ? Takde tempat nak stalking , TL tuu semua orang boleh baca AHHA .

f .Who is the person you love the most ? Why ?

The most definite answer would be Allah SWT the Merciful , and Rasulullah SAW the Prophet . Next the my family . Other than that , there's this one person who I love the most , and why is it ? I don't have an absolute or exact answer but all I can say is - mungkin sebab dia berbeza , atau aku kena sihir ? HAHA . 

g .The most memorable time in life ?

I do have a lot , and it seems like nothing pop-up in my mind right now . Perhaps the moment when I get to salam tangan this one person HAHA .

h .Do you prefer adventurous activity or just sightseeing or maybe shopping? Why ?

Of course the adventurous activity ! Caused everytime you go through the activities the questions keep popping in your mind 'will you finish the challenge?' 'could you do that' 'until what extent are your capabilities' , and then the next second you see that you already on top of the hill or mount ! At that moment you feel like I'm a hero ! And it always did challenge my self or somehow boost out my spirit , If I could climb up the mount , go through water challenge , rock climbing and others , why can't I excel in studies too ? No concrete reasons ain't it ? Think deeply about it people :)

i .One of your "azam 2012"?

From the bad or the good side of me ?
Bad side - Not to get easily carried away by my emotions . JK . Huhuu =='
Good side - Do better in IB studies . Behave better as a daughter and khalifah Allah :)
*maaflah memang tak paham soalan pun , mintak satu aku bagi 3 kuikuikui .

j .What gadget you want to be yours the most ? Why ?

iPad ! Caused I ask for iPad from this particular person , she own an Apple store , but she told me that the iPad is not there yet for me ! HAHAA . Memang dalam mimpi aku je ah kan semua ni LOL .

Nak iPad 3 boleh ? Pleaseee kuikuikui .

Okay people , this is just some random and silly stuff people do for fun . Yeay fun , why ? Duhhhh please don't take it seriously . Hihii . Put some humour when you read this . Thanks :)

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