Monday, December 3, 2012

. December - PhotosDay .

Source : Sis Bella's Blog
Here's the deal . I found this photo on Sis Bella's Blog while I was 'blog-walking' just now . And . . .
Maybe I can somehow try to make something out of it . Currently on my holiday though . Uhuks !

*The English slang taste like bitter and rusty a bit I guess . Erk . Maybe more than that . Hmm .

But I'd just miss the first 2 tasks . It's okay . I'll just start with the 3rd one . I don't know if I could manage to finish this , since there's a pile of homeworks waiting for me since last week . Or maybe last two weeks . Opss ! Or maybe more than that . Huarghhh ! 

But . . . But maybe it worth a try isn't it . Nvm , I better shut up . Bla bla bla . Teehee XD

Happy Monday readers ! 
Remember to always start your day with the brightest smile and fresh body :') 

I'm  back  after the long disappearance ,