Monday, February 20, 2012

Chapters in Life : January .

Assalamualaikum and Hi .
It was almost the end of February and I'm writing the story for ? January events ? Hahaa . Yeah , I know , tell me I'm lame and what not but it's just that I'm hell busy and the two hands seems not enough to catch up with everything guys . Nevermind , I have this some pictures , so let the pictures do the talking .

Ever drink a fully fresh apple juice people ? This is it XD
Okay when is this ? This is between 19 or 26 of January . First time join the class, M11R for iftar . First time basuh dulang iftar tuu . Tahu tak apa itu iftar ? Bukaa puasaa . Tapi kitorang buka puasaa ramairamai . Makan dalam dulang ramairamai . Until now , dah selamat ikut 3 kali iftar class . Dulu macam pelik je kan makan iftar ni kan . Ada orang akan kata geli lah apa lah . Tapi sebenarnyaa takdelah macam tuh . Think positive and look at the bright side . With iftar - You eat less and share more :)
P/S : Itu gambar apple juice minum juice direct from the food itself . Takyah blend dulu . Ever try it ? HAHAA .

Pn. Khuzaimi . I missed you :(
This is Pn. Khuzaimi and the picture was taken on 31st January 2012 . Almost a month ago . She's teaching Mathematics HL for my class and the other 3 classes last semester . Currently retired now . She is very soft and will NEVER ever be mad and angry at you . Besides she never scold us though either we finish or not her homeworks . Hihii . Look at the face , the motherly lovely , soft and calm face . Her last words for me is "Nawal , be more focus in class" . Sobsobsobsobsob . Teacher I missed you :')

Sale sale sale ! Grab !
Look at that people ! Rip Curl ! HAHAA . Well then , it's not mine . They belongs to someone else . One for Afiqah Aisyah , and the other one is Amalina's , their birthday presents . Million thanks to you , Mr.Handsome for to letting us to shopshopshop and have your full patience in melayan karenah orangorang tekanan jiwa macam kitorang ni hihii . 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

. Bebelan terunggul . Ouh Karma .

*This is a very VERY very long entry . Don't bother to read if you have better thing to work on rather than wasting your time reading this crap and procrastinate . Hahaa XD

What to do What to do What to do ?
Homeworks piling up . currently playing Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart . Solat tak lagi . Edit gambar number 1 . Research Question for Extended Essay tak tulis yang baru lagi . Haritu punya yang ITGS punya dah kena reject . Sedihhh . Hurm , macam mana ni ? Otak kosong . Hati ? Astaghfirullah . Aku ke yang zalim kat diri sendiri ? Find your strength . Work on it !

Okay , list kan sikit kerjakerja kau tuu , konon konon banyak sangat kan macam orang lain takde kerja plak kan . Cuba tuantuan puanpuan lihat sini eh . And there goes :

Malay A1 - Watak perwatakan Marlow and Kurtz (Durjana Di Hati a.k.a Heart of Darkness)

English B - 1.Article - find , read , share among the classmates
2. Anonymous letter <--- aku main tulistulis surat woooo ! Hahaa . mulamula malas gila nak menulis . kena buat writing macam essay kan sapaa rajin , tapi bila dah dapat reply letter excited plak . but when it comes to tulis surat untuk si diaa anonymous tuh aku jadik malas balik . otak kering laaaah takde idea . ouh Miss Belle , tomorrow pun kena submit kaaa ?

Maths SL - This is what Pn. Siti Rohani cakap 'From your face I know either you're well prepared or not . I have 30 years experience in teaching . I've got only 1 semester with you , prepared before you come into my class . You better get grade 5 and above or else you'll be dead !' <---- yang bold tuu tambah sendiri hihi .
Pn. Siti Rohani ni superb punyaa teacher, head of departments maths. First class dengan dia dah cuak gilaa tahap dewaa ! Semua senyap tunduk je mukaa . Takut takut takut bila kena jawab soalan . Dah lah tak reti jawab . Aduyaaaai ni Practice 1 2 3 4 tak siap lagi . Masak ah if esok ada maths ni -.-'

Chemistry HL - Okay esok ada double period chemistry lah . Plus ada test periodicity lagi . Study tak habis lagi . Double triple cuak . Kalau failed lagi habis laaaah . Kesian teacher . Ke kesian dekat diri sendiri ?

Biology HL - Okay this one lagi best , dah lah haritu masa academic day tak pergi jumpa teacher . Sorry , tapi tak sempat teacher dah balik . My fault actually . Hurm . Can't do anything . Reading on Kreb Cycle tak buat revision lagi . Photosynthesis non-cyclic lah cyclic laaaah . Uhukuhukuhuk (+.+)

TOK - Ouh essay art tak buat lagi ! KI untuk tuh tak research lagi . Apa lagi ? Meleret-leret dah homeworks kau nih sayang oi !

The Laureate - Design for Laureate magazines pun tak buat apa lagi . I mean , bukan aku tak buat langsung , tapi all the design aku buat tuh HUDUSSS tahap karma dah tau , nak tunjuk pun maluu . Hurm , what to do ? Dah over deadline ni . Miss Saidah panggil nanti habislah takde bende nak present apaa nyaa . Meeting dah almost everynight dah tapi kerja tak jalan jugak huarghhhh !

ITGS ? Hurmmm . Of all subjects , ITGS macam ringan sikit . Homeworks Microsoft Access aku je lah bertangguh lagi pun , sebab Access dalam lappie ni problem sikit . Tak tahu lah kenapa . Plus kena update selalu on reading and latest news for gadgets and applications for today .

Will it be possible for an ordinary person like me to reach the sky ? Land on the moon ? Touch the stars ? I want a 45 (^.^)

K baaaaaaaaaaaaaai !

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